Sassoon Professional Illuminating Restore 170ml


Product Overview
If you need something to help restore and maintain your coloured hair our stylists know you will love Sassoon Professional Illuminating Restore 170ml, a weekly treatment made specifically for coloured hair it helps to keep your hair looking and feeling great.

Sometimes coloured hair can become damaged and Sassoon Professional Illuminating Restore treatment is just what you need to help repair that damage. This weekly treatment offers up to 100% repair, helping to strengthen damaged hair and give it a new lease of life. Being designed specifically for coloured hair it enhances your colour, leaving you with beautiful vibrant hair with a dazzling shine.

Key Technology
The Sassoon Professional Illuminating Restore features HydroFibre technology along with Cashmeratex which ensures each coloured strand of your hair is penetrated with intensive moisture. The intelliproteic along with Double Strand Action Polymers help to invigorate your hair so that after 5 applications your hair will become resistant to cuticle damage and breakage.

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